Collection: Holistic Health Practitioner and Trauma Informed Life Coach

I am Carrie; a mom, partner, seeker, believer, teacher and survivor. Here trying to balance this crazy life while fulfilling my divinely led, deep desire &  call to help others along the way. I know, from both personal & professional experience, that each of us have been through things that are incredibly difficult. We have all endured something hard in this life, and sometimes we need someone to walk with us as we figure out how we got to where we are. Why we run from our emotions, have complicated relationships with our inner Self, and/or others. Perhaps you are physically , emotionally, or spiritually struggling to understand your role in this life. Wherever you are, I can meet you there, share my tools, guidance, intuition, professional lens as well as help you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Within each of us, there is a forever child version of us; the inner child. That version of us carries the roots, experiences & deep programs that can track to who we are today. Some of the most important work for our overall well being, mind body and spirit, is to meet, and cultivate a relationship with that little version of you that needs validation, to be seen, heard, understood and sometimes reparented . I can help to identify the wounds we sometimes cannot see ourselves. And guide & faciliate exploring the roots of emotions & belief systems that stem from our inner child. Most of which come to be through  the way that we were raised, dynamics in the home, and relationships/experiences we’ve endured or witnessed. . My goal is to facilitate healing from the inside out, and guide you to gain tools, knowledge & practices that will help cultivate the most empowered, evolved & best version of you, and who you are meant to be! I’m honored to walk your path with you, and trust that if you’ve found me, it’s aligned for your highest good! Can’t wait to meet you!