About Me

Hey y’all! So glad you’re here. Welcome to some of my favorite treasures created, experienced & revealed to me over my life thus far! In my day-to-day life, I am a momma, wife, sister, daughter, and friend to many. But also, someone who loves seeking to always be better, learn & share what I wish I knew sooner, with others. Admittedly, I love luxurious things, experiences & places but I am a honestly hippy at heart. With a true calling to bring joy, encourage growth, self-revelation & cultivate empowerment on this journey of mine. With love of all things Mother Earth, and my deep spiritual connection to our Creator, it became very clear pretty early on, after a lot of suffering, health issues, and trauma, that I was put here to serve & help others along their paths. Here, you’ll find some of my favorite things that have brought so much joy & healing along the way to me, and many others.  I can’t wait to offer them to you, and hope you love everything you choose for yourself.
With love & deep gratitude for you.
Many blessings!